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Our Services

1.      Out patient clinic.

        Consultation by qualified and well experienced allopathic doctors.

        Well stocked computerized dispensary manned by qualified Pharmacists

        Diagnostic Facilities-Well-set clinical Lab ,E.C.G

        Injectables administered using disposable syringes

        For asthmatic patients,equipments like nebulizer /oxygen units are available and frequently used by the well trained and qualified nursing staff under the guidance of the doctors.

        LV Fluids Facility(i.e Normal Saline,Dextrose,Ringer’s Lactate etc.,)available for the needy.

2.      Dental Clinic



        Extraction of tooth and

        Such other well needed procedures.

 3.      Ophthalmology Clinic       

  •        Vision testing /Prescribing Glasses.

  •        Investigation for cataract /Glaucoma Surgeries.

  •        Slit lamp Bio-Microscopic examination,Fundus Scopy,Tonometry ,Colour Blindness test

  •        Treatment for all eye ailments etc.,

4. Mobile Medicare.


        Medical team consisting of a qualified & experienced doctor,a pharmacist to dispense medicine,one or two Nursing assistant to give injections /bandaging etc.Carry  a minimum of 90-100 types of medicines to treat types of common ailments.Make available in the BUNDI Nebulizer /oxygen cylinders and such type of useful equipments. 

 5. Rural clinic at Guttivaripalle Village ,Renigunta Mandal

  • Consultation by qualified and well experienced allopathic doctor.

  • Well stocked dispensary

  • Oral /topical medicines –given for two days requirement (if  needed for more days, the patients can come again for two days and receive medicines for another two days and continue the therapy)

  • Injectables administered using disposable syringes.

  • Suturing of any cut wounds, bandaging and such type of facilites provide

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